Whenever your kids head outdoors to play, does the thought of mosquitoes bother you?

Use Godrej protekt buzz off anti-mosquito skin spray on your little ones. It’ll help you forget about mosquitoes buzzing around them for eight long hours.

And yes, this water-based spray doesn’t at all harm the skin. The only threat is to the mosquitoes.

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Godrej Protekt - Mosquito Skin spray for 8 hours Protection
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knocks out mosquitoes

repels mosquitoes and saves you from the risk of malaria and dengue


water-based formula means no stickiness, no irritation

it's a spray

spreads better, spreads faster

it protects for 8 long hours

its deba protection lasts 8 hours

so good, so green

100% recyclable
100% reusable
100% guilt-free

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