• Buzz Off

    Presenting Godrej protekt Buzz Off Anti-Mosquito Skin Spray. A mosquito-repellent that lets your kids head outdoors, without the fear of mosquitoes!

  • Handwash Confessions

    It's not easy to come clean about bad habits, and even tougher to adopt good ones. So, when we asked kids for their #HandwashConfessions, things got really interesting!

  • Mother's Day

    Our Godrej protekt family gathered the sweet things kids wrote for their moms on Mother's Day. Then, we turned it into an even sweeter lullaby.

  • Hand Sanitizer

    Children love to explore the world with their hands. But the fear of germs can get in their way. So, we made Not Just Another Handsanitizer to #ProtektLittleHands.