• Say no to soap with Godrej protekt mr. magic handwash | Hindi

    Soap is used by many and it has germs from everyone’s hands. But every drop of Godrej protekt is pure, ensuring ultimate germ protection with every wash. It’s also easy-to-make and has the natural goodness of neem and aloe vera. What’s more, a ₹15 mr. magic refill makes 200 ml of handwash and lasts up to 30 days. Now, that’s protection that’s truly magical!

  • mr. magic - the good and green handwash

    Fun fact: every time you use mr. magic handwash, you get happy hands and a green planet, at just Rs.15! Want to know how? Watch to find out! #GlobalHandwashingDay #GoodAndGreen Category

  • Introducing, Godrej protekt mr. magic handwash!

    Want to see a neat magic trick? Then, watch our two tiny magicians make the first-ever powder to liquid handwash! #MrMagic

  • How to make mr. magic - a demo

    Don't know how to make Godrej protekt mr. magic handwash? Our tiny experts made a demo video to teach you!

  • The 'Do not touch' Social Experiment

    Can we keep our kids protected with simple rules like ‘Do not touch that’ or ‘Keep away from this’? To find an answer to this, we conducted the ‘Do not touch’ social experiment. #ProtektTheJoy

  • The secret life of little hands

    Every parent can relate to this. When your kids are quiet, you can be sure they’re up to something naughty. Which is almost always messy, where they get their hands dirty. But no matter what your little one is up to, get your kids to use Godrej protekt handwash after they’re done!

  • Masterblaster

    You know that masterblaster handwash gives your hands master blaster protection. But how do you use it? Watch to find out!

  • Happyfoam

    Foam-based happyfoam handwash is super fun to use. Watch the video and you'll see!

  • Hand Sanitizer

    Not Just Another Handsanitizer is very easy to use. Simply open, spray and rub over your hands. If that�s not clear enough, watch the video!

  • Buzz Off

    Presenting Godrej protekt Buzz Off Anti-Mosquito Skin Spray. A mosquito-repellent that lets your kids head outdoors, without the fear of mosquitoes!

  • Hand Sanitizer

    Children love to explore the world with their hands. But the fear of germs can get in their way. So, we made Not Just Another Handsanitizer to #ProtektLittleHands.

  • Mother's Day

    Our Godrej protekt family gathered the sweet things kids wrote for their moms on Mother's Day. Then, we turned it into an even sweeter lullaby.

  • Handwash Confessions

    It's not easy to come clean about bad habits, and even tougher to adopt good ones. So, when we asked kids for their #HandwashConfessions, things got really interesting!